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The extent to which we can improve the lives of others is entirely dependent on the giving nature of ourselves and others.  Please consider doing your part.  There are many quality programs out there that provide assistance to those in need. Please be generous with your time and your checkbooks.

Random Acts of Kindness

We perform and encourage others to perform random acts of kindness in their daily lives.  This can be as simple as opening the door for another or offering a kind word to someone.  For those with more to offer, it can mean a monetary gift to someone in need, a donation to a worthy cause, or taking someone to dinner unexpectedly.  With kindness, the possibilities are endless,

KHeaven Sent offers college scholarships for recent New Mexico high school graduates with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder through a partnership with the New Mexico Autism Society, a 501c3 non profit.  By encouraging individuals with Autism to achieve their academic goals, we help them to lead successful, independent lives. Please consider contributing to this fund by clicking on the donation link or visiting

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An organization committed to improving the lives of others

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KHeaven Sent partners with non profits in our area to assist those in need.  We touch the lives of those less fortunate, those living with disability, the elderly, the mentally ill and those just needing a smile. We donate our time and open our pocket books throughout the year, doing what we can to make a difference in the lives of others, one heart at a time.

march 2016 suggestions:

  • Be a designated driver on St. Patricks Day
  • Help a low income senior prepare their tax return
  • Provide drinks and snacks for a Special Olympics event
  • Skip eating lunch out or Happy Hour for  a week and donate your savings to your favorite charity
  • Purchase a gas gift card, select a car in a parking lot and tape it to the window
  • Speak up for someone being mistreated or disrespected
  • ​Spring for lunch for a first responder
  • Contact your local high school and pay for a cap and gown for a disadvantaged graduate
  • Bake some homemade cookies and deliver them to a homeless camp
  • Give a presentation on kindness at an elementary school

KHeaven Sent

our future

We are constantly looking for exciting new ways we to bring joy to the lives of others.  We are exploring various options.  As we move forward we will keep you updated.. Please check back regularly to follow our progress.