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An organization committed to improving the lives of others

KHeaven Sent offers inspirations, performs random acts of kindness and facilitates other good deeds. The glass is always half full at KHeaven Sent where we believe the smallest of gestures can positively impact a person's life in a huge way.  Practicing random acts of kindness not only makes the world a better place, it is good for the soul.We encourage you to participate with us. It could prove to be the greatest gift you have ever given yourself!

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Our vision

We are currently exploring the many ways that we can fulfill our mission of enhancing the lives of those around us.  Check back regularly to see how we are bringing smiles and inspiration to others.

We envision a world where individuals of every ability and disability are certain to achieve happiness, satisfaction and success, secure in the knowledge that during times of doubt, inability or struggle, others will step up to inspire them and help them reach their goals..

Whether your  KINDNESS is a gift of your time, your treasure, your knowledge, or a simple act of compassion, you can make a difference in the life of another. You can help us spread kindness by practicing your own random acts.  Visit our Facebook page for daily suggestions.

 KHeaven Sent was founded in 2013 as a way of honoring the life of Kevin DeAnda, who died tragically in 2008 at the age of 25.  Kevin had Autism and severe mental illness, yet succeeded in inspiring and encouraging those around him even in his darkest moments.  He was a master at bringing a smile to one's face.  He regularly reached out and touched the lives of friends, family, the homeless, fellow people with disabilities and those less fortunate, offering compassion, a joke, a hug, conversation, a personal possession or simply a smile.  The immediate positive effect these gestures, large and small, had on the recipients was the inspiration for this organization.  Our hope is that with the help of people everywhere, his legacy can continue through  the Inspirations, Random Acts of Kindness and other Good Deeds that we believe are KHeaven Sent!

What started it all

Meet Our Team

Kevin DeAnda

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7/6/83 - 12/31/08

The Hawk

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Lori DeAnda

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